lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Furnishing 1 / Equipamiento 1

The furnishing had to be adapted to child use - neither too fragile nor too simple. Luckily, manufacturers in Argentina have come to provide a good number of pieces of furniture following scale 1:12, in mdf. This simplified matters because I purchased all those pieces I considered indispensable and made those that were not available.

The latter involved the bathroom suite. Here I used the expertise provided by Laura and Ale, two expert miniaturists, who gave me directions to model the bathtub, sink, lavatory and bidet. The pieces were modelled in thick density styrofoam and then they were covered with a thin sheet of white cold porcelain. Once dry, I painted them pink and later varnished them.

I decided that the taps would be safer in cold porcelain as well so they were modelled in the paste and later painted gold.

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